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A tzitzimitl.
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Tzitzimitls are immense skeletal manifestations of death that appear on doomed planets to herald events of great suffering. They are believed to either have been created by liches of the planet Eox long ago to bring destruction upon living worlds,12 designed by deities as divine instruments of apocalypses, or are exiles of a distant civilization of space traveling giants.34


Tzitzimitls resemble 50-foot-tall humanoid skeletons that weigh thousands of pounds. They are constantly surrounded by crackling purple lightning and strange, otherworldly gases.5[citation needed]


Tzitzimitls enjoy darkness and terror.4 Their arrival is marked by a solar eclipse from which they draw their power,3 and their presence is often considered an omen of an imminent disaster or apocalypse,4 though it remains unclear whether such appearances accompany predestined events or are caused by the tzitzimitl itself.3


Despite their size and weight, tzitzimitls are capable of magical flight at a rate faster than they can move on land.34

They can release devastating beams of force or electricity6 from their eyes. They can summon magical darkness that drains the warmth out of anything caught within, and their clawed hands can drain the life from a being.34

They are also capable of inverting the nature of positive energy when used near it, converting it to negative energy.34

On Golarion

Tzitzimitls roamed Golarion during the Age of Darkness.7 Fragmented legends suggest tzitzimitls were defeated by ancient heroes and contained, potentially buried in sealed tombs that could awaken them if opened.3

The Shade of Belimarius, a tzitzimitls resembling the Runelord Belimarius who represented the upcoming doom of Xin-Edasseril if it could not be freed from time-locked Crystilan, hid within the Eye of Jealousy.2


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