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Tryg, a Numerian robot.

Source: Lords of Rust, pg(s). 78

Tryg is a fixer robot found trapped under stones in Numeria by the Pathfinder Sidek and his android companion Eirian.1 Sidek named Tryg after his childhood dog, who was himself named for a word meaning "persistence" in a Kellid dialect of Hallit.2


For a robot, Tryg can be quite expressive.

Tryg is a round robot small enough to fit in a pack, with a single yellow eye that can stretch from its spherical body, a pair of rolling treads, and four spindly arms ending in three-fingered grips. Its form grants it surprising dexterity even in rough terrain, though its small size limits its speed. Tryg's eye is surrounded by strange markings similar to those found on other Androffan technology.1


Sidek and Eirian freed Tryg, then followed and defended the robot as it pursued an inscrutable goal far across Numeria.3


Tryg possesses an integrated set of tools in his chassis, including a laser torch capable of cutting through many materials.4


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