Tower of the Candelabra

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The Tower of the Candelabra is a ruined, flooded structure off the southern coast of the Precipice Quarter in Absalom. The other two towers are the Tower of the Broken Shield (colloquially known as Beldrin's Tower) and the Tower of the Horn.

Originally constructed by the mage Beldrin, the Tower of the Candelabra was in fact one of the spires to a magic school that rested on the cliffside of the quarter. An earthquake rocked the district in 4698 AR leading to its total collapse. The Tower sank into a deep rift that opened up a few hundred feet off the coast and is completely flooded.1

It is said that the tower contains considerable treasure, including a candelabra possessing unknown powers. Numerous attempts to explore and claim the tower have been made, notably by Pathfinders, but this typically results in the treasure hunters' demise.2