Tongue of rebuke

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Tongue of Rebuke

CR 9
Source: Guardians of Dragonfall, pg(s). 28-29

Timeless iron constructs that guard Dragonfall, the ancient graveyard of dragonkind, tongues of rebuke were created in the image of their draconic masters to serve their most basic needs.


A tongue of rebuke is created to look like a limbless dragon, resembling an iron snake with vestigial wings and a draconic head. Their metal body stretches to twenty feet in length and are two feet in diameter. When animated their bodies are completely weightless allowing them greater mobility but when stripped of this animating magic their inert bodies weigh around two tons.1

Habitat and Ecology

The only place to find a tongue of rebuke is guarding the Dragonfall, the ancient graveyard of all dragonkind, their is no record of them ever being found outside of Dragonfall. Dragonfall itself is all but unknown to most mortals as it is located atop a plateau on one of Golarion's highest mountains.2 As constructs a tongue of rebuke has no natural ecology instead they were created as servants of the dragon race. They normally perform the more menial tasks required with duties like guarding left to the wings of protection.1


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Breath Weapon
Like their draconic masters a tongue of rebuke has a breath weapon that varies depending on the type of energy the construct is imbued with.
Imbued Energy
Each tongue of rebuke is imbued with one sort of energy which powers their breath weapon and which they are immune to.
The tongue of rebuke can release a fearsome roar terrifying its opponents.
When killed the tongue of rebuke burst in a pulse of energy that maims its victorious opponent.1


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