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Source: Forge of the Giant God, pg(s). 68-69

Tintavex is a unique being—a half-cloud dragon griffon born of a magical accident. She was created when a wizard named Hirzell Rufran, who was seeking to collect the eggs of rare creatures of the Mindspin Mountains, stole one of the eggs of the cloud dragon Brithrahel. In his haste to flee as the dragon returned, Hirzell miscast his teleportation spell: the wizard himself, and most of his collection, were never seen again, but Brithrahel's egg survived and was deposited in a distant corner of the mountains, in the process fusing with a griffon egg that the wizard had also collected. When the combined egg hatched, Tintavex was born.1

Over time, Tintavex has grown into a powerful creature who claims the southern spur of the Mindspins as her territory, only allowing travelers through on the promise that they stay clear of her peaks. She had no guidance or rearing from either adult dragons or griffons as she grew, but wants to learn about her draconic progenitor, not knowing how close to her she lives.1