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Time dimensional

Source: Temple of the Peacock Spirit, pg(s). 90

Time dimensional is the name given by scholars to embodiments of time that correct temporal disruptions.1


A time dimensional resembles a lanky, crystalline humanoid whose facets display images of the past, present, and future. It stands 12 feet tall and weighs about 300 pounds.1


Each time dimensional is a living, intelligent portion of the Dimension of Time and breaks away to correct temporal disruptions across the Great Beyond when they arise. Time dimensionals are constantly connected to the Dimension of Time and perfectly know their past and future: it is unclear whether they are extensions of the plane or are in continuous communion with it.1

The very presence of a time dimensional can disrupt the flow of time, so each is only dispatched for the minimum duration and uses the minimum force necessary for its task. It is impossible to predict a time dimensional's appearance: they might ignore obvious triggers like the use of the Scepter of Ages, while other times they manifest seemingly randomly.1

Time dimensionals are very difficult to conjure, and their true names are unknown to mortals. Trying to summon or bind a time dimensional might earn the ire and punishment of other time dimensionals or hounds of Tindalos.1


Time dimensionals can manipulate the flow of time of other objects, move quickly across the battlefield, and comprehensively see into the future to get out of the way of the next strike against them. In case of severe disruptions, the Dimension of Time might dispatch multiple time dimensionals at once, or one with greater abilities than normal.1


Time dimensionals have no society outside of the Dimension of Time, unless dispatched together on a mission. Because the Dimension of Time is difficult to access, it is unknown whether they have a society within their home plane.1

Some scholars believe the Dimension of Time created the one and only time dimensional at the beginning of time and sends it to correct all temporal disruptions; 'multiple' time dimensionals seen at the same time are actually the same time dimensional meeting itself in the past or future, while greater time dimensionals are simply older versions of the same creature. Scholars that research greater time dimensionals usually vanish mysteriously. According to the research they left behind, the time dimensional will eventually go rogue from the Dimension of Time with catastrophic results for the rest of the Great Beyond.1


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