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Pillar City
Previously Kellids, elves, and aiuvarins; currently maftets, griffons, drakes, lammasu, and manticores
Source: Against the Scarlet Triad, pg(s). 74

Timal, the Pillar City, was an ancient Kellid settlement in modern-day Mendev prior to Earthfall.1


Timal was built on a high stone butte in the northern reaches of what is now Mendev. A winding and dangerous footpath was the only way to reach it initially but, as it grew, it gradually became more accessible, especially with the edition of the aiudara known as Eidolongate, which connected it directly to Iadara.1

Notable features of Timal include its intricate hanging gardens, and the pulley system developed to bring goods up to the town from the ground.1


Initially founded as a small and poorly known holy site to the Sarkorian god Ygrir Skymane, Timal was discovered by a group of elven scouts from the Estrovian Forest. This was the first time the elves had ever witnessed the practice of god calling, and a small group of elven scholars settled in the small settlement to watch and study the phenomenon.1

When the elves of Timal were warned early about Earthfall, they were offered the chance to retreat to Castrovel. However, because this offer was only extended to the elves of the town, the town's other residents (mostly Kellids and aiuvarins) became enraged, and charged through Eidolongate and into the city of Iadara. In response, the Kyonin government sealed the gate, leaving the residents of the town to deal with Earthfall on their own. Within two generations, the town was completely deserted and in ruins.1

In the present day, the town is ruled by the unfettered eidolon, who believes himself to be Ygrir Skymane himself. He has a following of various beasts and monsters, including a team of maftets he calls the Pride Reborn, and through magical control he maintains the peace in the city. He has sworn to one day take revenge on the elves who left his people to die.1


In Timal's glory days, it was inhabited mainly by Kellid humans, elves, and their aiuvarin offspring. Most were worshipers of Ygrir Skymane, their clan's patron god, and of special note were the Pride, a group of god-callers who would throw themselves off of the cliffs of the city every year to prove their loyalty to Ygrir, who would catch only the most brave and pure of heart.1

Now an eidolon of Ygrir rules the city using potent mind-control magic to keep a thrall of monsters and maftets.1


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