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Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 35

In the late years of the Age of Darkness, when the first humans began to re-emerge from their caves, to walk once again the ash-strewn lands of Golarion, only those human tribes dwelling near the equator could stand the constant chill of a land without a reliable sun to provide light and heat. Among these tribes was the tribe of a clever and ruthless hero named Tiandra.

Tiandra managed to convince her disorganized and pastoral tribe to exact revenge against a crooked and decaying Azlanti citadel that still stood on the nearby shores of the Arcadian Ocean, in defiance of the disaster brought by Earthfall. The starving and demoralized Azlanti survivors were swiftly slaughtered by the superstitiously enraged tribe. Tiandra ordered her people to gather the few remaining relics, including books and whatever else they could carry off before burning the building down.

Tiandra hid the relics in a cave complex sacred to the Ancestors, a small group of primitive hero-figures of her people. However, the Ancestors were illiterate and even the wisest of them could not read the "magic scratches". The relics and writings of Azlant were quickly forgotten, with generations passing before someone saw them again.1

The cave complex where Tiandra hid the Azlanti relics became known as the Cave of Tiandra.2