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Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 264

Thunderbirds are enormous avians similar to rocs, they are shrouded in perpetual storms, bringers of the rain they are beseeched during droughts but the storms they bring can also be very destructive.1


Thunderbirds appear like enormous birds of prey with, they could almost be mistaken for the equally massive rocs however thunderbirds are grey in colouration. The biggest difference from rocs is that an adult thunderbird is constantly wreathed in storms. Lightning arcs across its body whilst it is surrounded by a constant dark storm cloud that often conceals its form.1

Habitat and Ecology

Thunderbirds normally dwell in remote mountains and hills across Golarion. An adult thunderbird is constantly surrounded by a lightning storm and strong winds, and thunderbirds are venerated as bringers of rain in arid regions but also feared for their destructive potential. When angered, they lay waste to entire villages with hurricanes. Because of this in regions where thunderbirds dwell they often become semi-mythic religious figures with cultures developing entire rituals to appease these powerful creatures.1

Thunderbirds lay their eggs near waterfalls and bring their hatchlings to mountain peaks where lightning can strike them. Thunderbirds are capable of seeing through all weather and firing rays of lightning.1


The peacock phoenix is a lawful evil fire-infused thunderbird which serves the cult of the Peacock Spirit and can be summoned by an occult ritual known to the cult.2

Guardian thunderbirds are fiendish thunderbirds.3

On Golarion

Thunderbirds live in the Fog Peaks on the border between Taldor and Galt,45 as well as in the southern Zho Mountains,6 the Lost Coast,7 and the Kodar Mountains.8 Further afield, on the distant continent of Arcadia thunderbirds can be found within the nation of Xopatl.9

Known thunderbirds

In the Great Beyond

In addition to the Material Plane, thunderbirds also live among the creatures of the First World.12

The azata empyreal lord Valani counts thunderbirds among his minions.13


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