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Source: The Dead Heart of Xin, pg(s). 66

Thulos was a taiga giant lich who engineered a failed plot to bring back Runelord Zutha with his phylactery, the Gluttonous Tome.1


Within a ruined tower in the foothills of the Tusk Mountains near the Cenotaph, Thulos was served by legions of orcs and giants both living and undead, under command of his champion Feron. His steward Ruanti controlled nine flesh golems he had created with the Gluttonous Tome, as well as a band of ghouls who had stumbled upon his underground abode from a tunnel into the Darklands, and a handful of shadows who worked as spies and assassins.1


Thulos was born in the Mindspin Mountains and learnt to listen to the spirits of his ancestors from a young age, using them to his advantage. He began learning necromancy as he grew, eventually stumbling upon Zutha's teachings. He tracked down the ruins of Gastash within the Hold of Belkzen, where he discovered the Kardosian Codex, a piece of the Gluttonous Tome. Less than a decade after that, using the power of the Kardosian Codex, he bathed in the blood of 1,001 freshly-slain corpses while his sisters exsanguinated him. This ritual transformed him into a lich, and stored his soul in his spellbook, The Eager Tooth of Gluttony.1

After discovering the Bone Grimoire, the second part of the Gluttonous Tome, Thulos felt Zutha's presence and began formulating a plan to bring him back and rule alongside him in a reborn Gastash. He then made a deal to get the Black Book, the last piece of the Gluttonous Tome; although that copy was discovered to be a forgery, it contained enough information for him to devise a way to bring back Zutha without the real Black Book.1

Before his plan could come to fruition, Thulos' sanctuary was invaded by a band of adventurers, who destroyed him and brought his two pieces of the Gluttonous Tome to the markets of Kaer Maga.2


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