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Type Outsider
(earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire)
CR 2
Environment Any land (Plane of Fire)

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 262
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Thoqquas are semi-intelligent worm-like creatures native to the Elemental Plane of Fire, specifically where it borders the Plane of Earth.[1]


Thoqquas are thick worm-like creatures protected by red-hot, dense horny plates. Their body generates incredible heat, which constantly and visibly hisses from their joints, and allows them to melt most surfaces. Adult thoqquas are five feet long and weigh 200 pounds.[1]


Despite being outsiders (and having no need to eat), thoqquas seek out ores and minerals to consume, smelt, and form into the thick plates of natural armor covering their bodies. Thoqquas are cantankerous, and will attack without warning if frustrated or startled. Humanoid settlements inside their territory are either chased away, or become regarded as property and guarded by the thoqquas.[1]

According to the mephits (who seem to understand thoqquas' thought processes), thoqquas are descended from mountain-sized progenitors, servants of the elemental lords, who dug the first volcanoes on young planets, then retired there, and still heat those planets to this day.[1]


On the Plane of Fire, thoqquas are fierce enemies of the magmins for reasons not fully understood.[2]

On the Material Plane

Thoqquas are known to occasionally cross over to the Material Plane, especially near areas of intense volcanic activity, such as the Flume Warrens in the Darklands realm of Sekamina.[1][3]


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