Merry Widow (ship)

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The Merry Widow

Scuttled off Slitherfish Island
Temple to Besmara
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 117

The Merry Widow is a ship that was scuttled off the southern coast of Slitherfish Island to the northeast of Mediogalti Island. It is now half beneath the waves; its water-filled lower decks are home to great numbers of sharks and devilfish.

As of 4711 AR the wreck was being used as a temple to the pirate-goddess Besmara, established by a sect known as the Merry Widows. This splinter group is made up of women who have lost their husbands at sea. It is said that some Mediogalti women donate unwanted males to the ship-temple as a sacrifice to the goddess.1