The History and Future of Humanity

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The History and Future of Humanity is the god Aroden's holy text. Since the death of Aroden and the demise of his faith, the text may now be found in some churches of Iomedae; presumably the best places for finding it being in those churches of the Inheritor that were once Aroden's temples. It may also be found in private collections.1


The book has many sections:2

  • Aroden's own description of his life in Azlanti
  • Aroden's personal goals for his beloved humans
  • primers on medicine and engineering
  • ideas and advice for promoting humankind to fulfil Aroden's goals
  • The Starfall Doctrine in Azlanti and maybe other more modern languages

The Pilgrim's Cave

Passages of this sacred text, along with numerous carvings depicting the twelve guises of Aroden, are carved into the Pilgrim's Cave, a large cavern in the foothills of the Kortos Mounts. The carvings are thought to be centuries old, yet still contain a faint echo of the dead god's power.3


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