The Bones Land in a Spiral

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Pharasma's holy symbol.

The Bones Land in a Spiral is the holy book of Pharasma; it is sometimes referred to as Bones Fall in a Spiral.1 This work was written in several parts. The first part consists of vague, debatable predictions by an ancient prophet. The prophesies are inconclusive and esoteric, allowing a cunning reader to fit specific parts of the text to any number of situations, past or future.23

Later additions discuss childbirth, burial rites, and the prevention of undeath.34

Important copies

A version of The Bones Land in a Spiral, written in Ancient Osiriani on a series of papyrus scrolls, is held as the most valued possession of the Archives of the Sepulchre library, located within the High Temple of Pharasma complex in Sothis.5


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