Thassilonian sentinel

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Thassilonian sentinel

Source: Curse of the Lady's Light, pg(s). 90

Thassilonian sentinels are head-shaped constructs kept as guards by the elite of the lost empire of Thassilon. Hidden in plain sight as the heads of statues decorating their owners' residences, they can use their special attacks without having to detach themselves from the statues, only needing to do so when they want to move or use their claws. They use their animalistic intelligence to engage in crude pack tactics when working with other sentinels. More than a dozen varieties of Thassilonian sentinels exist, all made from materials that also see use as a medium for sculpting or casting. The practice of creating sentinels mostly died out after Earthfall, but functional ones can still be found in Thassilonian ruins.1


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