Thalestris Mytilinos

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Thalestris Mytilinos

Gunslinger (pistolero) 17 / Champion 2
Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 86

Thalestris Mytilinos is a veteran adventurer who wanders across the Inner Sea region in search of trouble.1


Thalestris shows her celestial heritage through her white hair and bright green eyes.1


An angel-blooded aasimar, Thalestris was adopted by a minor Taldan noble family in a small village near its eastern border. Her adoptive parents lovingly raised her with their three birth children. Her mother sometimes whispered that she had 'the blood of angels', and Thalestris always felt different from others around her.1


At the age of 15, Thalestris started manifesting magical signs of her heritage, and began rebelling and committing petty crimes as she found herself ostracised from her siblings and peers. Her dangerous, embarrassing activities led her parents to send her to a private boarding school in Oppara.1

In the so-called boarding school (which was in truth a place where troubled young aristocrats could reform), Thalestris did not feel like an outsider for the first time in her life, as everyone had some problem or another. She excelled in her studies, learnt to rely on and accept herself as she was, and became determined to make her name. She shocked her family by apprenticing herself to an itinerant gunslinger after her graduation.1

After having completed her course on firearms and gunsmithing, Thalestris became a wandering soldier of fortune across the Inner Sea region, working for corporations, adventurers, town guards, and mercenary companies. Her travels took her to Osirion, whose ancient ruins fascinated her.1

In Osirion, Thalestris became proficient at fighting ancient guardians, especially golems and undead. In 4711 AR, she joined Styrian Kindler, Ostog the Unslain, Howell Talbot III and Velmarius Elazarin, a band of adventurers who had come to Osirion to destroy an undead pharaoh who sought to free his patron Rovagug. Over the next few months, the group explored the pharaoh's massive tomb and fought countless of his minions to stop his plan. Thalestris died and was resurrected twice: the first time by Pharasma, the second by her companions. She even temporarily lost her soul to the pharaoh.12

The most difficult challenge for the group was when Rovagug attempted to destroy them with memories of their own pasts, which manifested as an exceptionally powerful Sandpoint Devil. Upon their victory, Thalestris was rewarded with mythic power, learnt the truth of her heritage, and met her birth mother for the first time. Thalestris and her group then destroyed their nemesis and prevented him from freeing Rovagug to destroy Golarion.1

Most recently, Thalestris was spotted in Nirmathas on the way to Lastwall.1


Thalestris is known for her brash fighting style with a double-barrelled pistol on each hand.1


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