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Terendelev in battle with the Storm King.

Silver dragon (ancient)
16 Arodus 4713 AR
Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 56f.

Terendelev was a silver dragon who protected the Mendevian city of Kenabres for many years.1 She served the Iomedaean leadership as a soldier and enforcer, patrolling the city with a group of like-minded paladins.2


On a recent strike into the Worldwound, Terendelev and her companions were ambushed by a group of demons who inflicted heavy casualties, and infected the survivors with a corrupting disease. Tainted by this foulness, the doomed commander of the expedition ordered Terendelev to evacuate the survivors and retreat. Upon her return to Mendev, the dragon's scales were noticeably tarnished, and fearing for her soul, Terendelev's mentor, the gold dragon Halaseliax, was called in. He confronted the silver dragon and was eventually able to stem the slow moral deterioration caused by the disease.2

Terendelev distinguished herself in 4692 AR when the balor Khorramzadeh invaded Kenabres. Although he managed to inflict the tiniest crack on a wardstone the dragon managed to drive back the demonic attackers, nearly slaying the balor in the process.3

Defeat and demise

In 4713 AR, Terendelev faced off against Khorramzadeh for a second time as the demons launched another attack on Kenabres, even larger than the previous one. This time, Khorramzadeh managed to overwhelm her, and Terendelev only managed to save a few citizens of Kenabres from a deadly fall before she was decapitated.4 Khorramzadeh carried her corpse to Iz and had his minions turn her into a ravener so she could not pass into the Boneyard or be resurrected by her comrades. He then tasked her with guarding the Soul Foundry until a band of adventurers, whom she saved in Kenabres, put her out of her misery.5


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