Tengah Pulu

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Tengah Pulu is the name given to the central region of the Wandering Isles of Minata. This region is typically more wild and unsettled than Atas Pulu to the north and its islands are typified by high mountains and perilous jungles. The inhabitants of Tengah Pulu are generally smaller, more primitive tribes, some of whom engage in terrible acts of cannibalism, head hunting, and even necrophilia. Most tribes would never engage in such repugnant behaviour but, unfortunately, mainlanders from Tian Xia rarely differentiate between the tribes, depicting all of them as murderous and evil.1

The largest island of Tengah Pulu is Belem: renowned for its hundreds of hidden coves, it is the largest haven for pirates in all Minata, including the pirate city of Waunomani. The wayangs that inhabit many of the islands of Minata, are the sole inhabitants of the hammer-shaped island of Bukorang.1