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Tendriculoses are towering amalgams of plant and fungus, created by corrupted magic or leaking planar energies.1


Tendriculoses are huge creatures towering over their prey, their body consists of a main 'trunk' topped with a vicious looking maw. Their form is a bizarre mix of plant and fungal matter.1


The depths of forests and woodlands are where tendriculoses can normally be found. Due to their constant hunger they cannot live too close to civilisation as their predation tends to draw violent attention. The region they inhabit is often scattered with valuables as anything a tendriculos cannot digest is regurgitated.1


Tendriculoses seem to form in areas of corrupting magic or where planar energies leak into the Material Plane. They are ambush predators, lurking along forest paths and swallowing their victims alive. They then let their paralytic stomach juices digest their meal with incredible speed; this rapid digestion enables them to quickly heal any wound. Once it has finished eating, a tendriculos goes into a sedated state: the only time they are almost safe to approach.1


Despite a reputation as dumb ambush predators tendriculoses are actually intelligent and most are capable of understanding Sylvan, they just see little reason to talk with their meals. Still, some determined fey have been able to communicate and even make allies of tendriculoses, it just requires a large supply of still-living meat.1

On Golarion

Many tendriculoses are known to inhabit the deadly Sudisan Peaks in the Valashmai Jungle of Tian Xia, along with a wide range of other deadly plant life.2