Temple of Calistria (Woodsedge)

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Woodsedge is a dangerous town in the revolutionary country of Galt; the Temple of Calistria there provides balm and entertainments to distract one from the fervour of the Revolution. The temple is not to be found in the town's Temple District but towards the south of the town, mixed in with bars and other night spots; it is open until late. It has a softly decorated interior with silk banners and pillows scattered around; there is the scent of incense pervading. The priests and priestesses are extremely attractive and welcoming: highly charismatic personalities. The priestesses' clothes are skimpy and coloured in Calistria's yellow and black. The centrepiece of the temple is a nearly 20 foot tall statue of an enthroned Calistria portrayed as an elf stroking a giant wasp.1


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