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{{Golarionmap}} creates a regional map of a location, as defined using latitude and longitude coordinates from John Mechalas's geographic data. The map is served from User:Oznogon's tiled interactive Golarion map server.

For cities with the latlong parameter, {{Region map/tiled}} provides a shorthand way to create this map simply by invoking the city's article name.


| lat     = 
| long    = 
| zoom    = 
| id      = 
| align   = 
| caption = 


The decimal latitudinal coordinate for a location. Latitudes are positive if north of the equator and negative if south of the equator.
The decimal longitudinal coordinate for a location. Absalom, the City at the Center of the World, is at longitude 0. Longitudes are positive if east of Absalom and negative if west of Absalom.
zoom (optional)
The zoom level of the resulting map. The default zoom level is 6, minimum zoom level is 0, and maximum zoom level is 9. Note that for points of interest (locations that aren't settlements), the location might not appear at zoom levels less than 7. Some settlements, including ruined settlements or those with no known population, might not appear at zoom levels less than 8.
id (optional; required and must be unique if more than one map appears in an article)
A unique identifier. Optional and defaults to mapid, but is required if more than one map appears on a single page, and must be set to a unique value for each map on the page.
align (optional)
If set, frames the map in the same manner as a thumbnailed image. If set to left, right, or center, aligns the map to that position.
caption (optional; requires align to be set)
Adds a caption beneath an aligned map.


A locator map for the Whisperwood:

| lat  = 40.007
| long = -13.810
| zoom = 5

A locator map for the Whisperwood aligned to the right, with a caption:

| lat     = 40.007
| long    = -13.810
| zoom    = 5
| id      = mapWhisperwoodRight
| align   = right
| caption = The [[Whisperwood]].

A locator map for Sangpo-Jong, with a unique identifier:

| lat  = 38.244
| long = 160.178
| zoom = 6
| id   = mapSangpoJong

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