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For help writing an article about a creature, see Help:Writing an article about a creature.

{{Creature}} is for use in any article about any creature or monster in the Pathfinder campaign setting. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank or omitted entirely; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template.

The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

This template is based upon the Forgotten Realms Wiki Creature Template.

For creatures that exist in both Pathfinder First Edition and Pathfinder Second Edition, use {{Creature tabbed}}, which allows you to add infobox details for both editions in the same infobox.


Pathfinder First Edition

| image       = 
| name        = 
| type        = 
| subtype     = 
| challenge   = 
| environment = 
| alignment   = 
| adjective   = 
| imagesof    = 
| source      = 
| page        = 

Pathfinder Second Edition

| image       = 
| name        = 
| traits      = 
| level       = 
| alignment   = 
| adjective   = 
| imagesof    = 
| source      = 
| page        = 


Use this infobox template for creature types, species, and unique non-sentient creatures. For unique sentient creatures, use the {{Person}} or {{Person tabbed}} templates.

Common parameters

image (optional)
An image of the creature, using the standard File syntax. The recommended width is 250px, but if larger the image should scale to fit the template. For example, to add an image of a goblin, set this parameter's value to:
[[File:Goblin.jpg|250px|A goblin.]]
name (optional)
The name of the creature. If omitted, the template uses the article name by default.
alignment (optional)
Use the {{Alignment grid}} template to indicate the creature's usual alignments.
adjective (optional)
The adjective used to describe entities of, or pertaining or relating to, the creature.
imagesof (optional)
The name of the category that contains images of this creature, which appears in the infobox as a link to the category page. For instance, an imagesof value of goblins create a link to Category:Images of goblins with the link text "Images of goblins". This parameter is case-sensitive. If this parameter is omitted, the infobox uses the article name suffixed by a single "s".
source & page (optional)
The source wherein the creature was first published, or from which the most information is available. Link the source's title, and include a page number if possible.

Pathfinder First Edition parameters

type (optional)
The creature's type as defined in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and hyperlinked. Examples include Dragon, Humanoid, or Undead. For more information about creature types, consult the Bestiary (page 306) or the Pathfinder Reference Document.
subtype (optional)
A more specific category for the creature in addition to type, as defined in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. For example, a drow would fall under the Humanoid type and the elf subtype. For more information about subtypes, consult the Bestiary (page 310) or the Pathfinder Reference Document.
challenge (optional)
The creature's Challenge Rating, as presented in its primary stat block.
environment (optional)
The environment in which the creature is most likely to be encountered. This is most often included in a creature's stat block, but can also be inferred from its description. It is best to copy the exact words from the creature's stat block into this line capitalizing the first letter of the phrase.

Pathfinder Second Edition parameters

traits (optional)
The creature's traits as defined in Pathfinder Second Edition. For more information about traits, consult the Core Rulebook or the Pathfinder Reference Document. See below for an example.
level (optional)
The creature's level.


Pathfinder First Edition

| image       = [[File:Augur.jpg|250px|An augur velstrac.]]
| name        = Augur
| type        = [[Outsider]]
| subtype     = evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful
| challenge   = 2
| environment = Any ([[Shadow Plane]])
| alignment   = {{Alignment grid/LE}}
| adjective   = 
| imagesof    = augur velstracs
| source      = [[Bestiary 3 (First Edition)|Bestiary 3]]
| page        = 171
An augur velstrac.

(evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful)
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 171

Pathfinder Second Edition

| image     = 
| name      = Adamantine golem
| traits    = {{2eTrait|Rare}}{{2eTrait|N}}{{2eTrait|Huge}}{{2eTrait|Construct}}{{2eTrait|Golem}}{{2eTrait|Mindless}}
| level     = 18
| alignment = {{Alignment grid/N}}
| imagesof  = adamantine golems
| source    = [[Bestiary (Second Edition)|Bestiary]]
| page      = 188–189
Adamantine golem

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 188–189