Telandia Edasseril

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Telandia Edasseril
Telandia Edasseril, Queen of Kyonin.

Queen of Kyonin; Bearer of the Viridian Crown
Nyranin, a hawk
Source: Elves of Golarion, pg(s). 30–31 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 106–107 (2E)

Queen Telandia Edasseril rules the elven kingdom of Kyonin from her palace in Iadara surrounded by illusion magic.1

Appearance & personality

Queen Edasseril cuts a regal figure and dedicates herself fully to her freedom-loving subjects. Though technically possessing sovereign power over all elven people, Queen Edasseril rules with a gentle touch. She willingly (though not always eagerly) sacrifices her own desires and resources to the protection of Kyonin and its citizens, but her only true happiness is her brief moments with her hawk familiar Nyranin. She currently seeks a suitable husband, but is cautious not to get entangled in the typical political maelstrom that this can create.2 She is currently courting Zazirele of the Alijae elves to this end, the two are fond of each other and their marriage would greatly strengthen the bonds between the Aiudeen and Mualijae elves.3

Politics & beliefs

The queen's policies are remarkably progressive, at least by elven standards, and she has made moves to break the isolationism that characterizes the nation. Though true reforms are still to be formulated, the construction of the town of Greengold, in which elves and non-elves coexist, is a major step forward. Her vision has attracted many idealistic young elves to her cause.4 Despite her popularity, however, she is cautious in all her political maneuvers, as she still relies upon the support of her advisers and nobles, many of whom do not approve of her radical thinking.5

Retaking of Shevaroth

The reconquest of the demon-held city of Shevaroth in southeastern Kyonin has been a source of intense discussion in Kyonin for many years. Some advocate that the time is ripe for another attempt to retake it, while others counsel caution; Queen Edasseril falls into this latter group.6

Recent developments

The queen has leveraged the resurgence of the Whispering Tyrant to forge stronger alliances with other nations in recent years.7


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