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Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 31

Taumata was an ancient civilisation of unsurpassed magnificence that eventually angered the very gods themselves with their arrogance and were utterly destroyed for it. Taumata covers the area now known as the Wandering Isles of Minata but, at the time, rather than an elongated chain of islands, this area was one solid land bridge that reached all the way from Tian Xia to distant, mysterious Sarusan. However, in arrogance, the people of Taumata blasphemed against the gods in a manner so reprehensible that Hei Feng himself descended on them smashing this land ring apart with his nine-ring broadsword before declaring, "Nevermore in unity, lest you think yourselves greater than those who gave you life."1

The smiting of Taumata is believed to have taken place before even the eruption of Mount Shibotai in -2524 AR.2 Nowadays, the ruins of ancient Taumata dot the various islands of Minata. Supposedly, the most intact ruins lie amongst the islands of Rendah Pulu, but due to being infested with cannibalistic tribes and a cult of vile priests and sorcerers, they are a place even the bravest adventurers fear to tread.1