Tapur Forest

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The Tapur Forest is actually the shared name of two separate woodlands located in northern Qadira. All manner of inhospitable fey are said to dwell in the deeper reaches of the forests, and many use their presence to explain how the woodland remains relatively lush, with palm and fruit trees surviving in such an otherwise arid climate. Few who enter the forest emerge again.1 This has not prevented Qadiran workers from harvesting lumber from either woodland.2

Numerous types of wildlife inhabit the two forests, including boars, monkeys, wolves, tigers, lions, leopards, and pards. Parrots are also common, as are aquatic birds in more humid areas.3

Northern Tapur Forest

The Northern Tapur Forest is filled with edible plants, including pears and pomegranates. It is drier than its southern counterpart, and is dominated by trees such as cedar, pine, oak, and olive. Recently, escaped slaves from the nearby settlement of Hatavit fled into this portion of the forest and have not been heard from since.43

Southern Tapur Forest

The southern portion of the forest contains sturdy lumber. This wood is favoured for wagon axles and bows.4 Other trees, such as pear, pomegranate, ironwood, beech, hornbeam, chestnut, locust, and lime, also grow in the forest. The Southern Tapur is denser and wilder than its northern counterpart, and supports fewer human settlements.3

The Southern Tapur Forest is home to several dangerous creatures, such as fey, spriggans, and viper vines, which limit the extent of human settlement in the area.3