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Location [RESOLVED]

Distant Shores did not actually pinpoint Razatlan as being in southern Arcadia (it is only described as a 'southern empire', which can mean 'south of Degasi'), and in more recent material, it is described as being in central Arcadia. - HTD (talk) 04:23, 29 June 2019 (UTC)


I have changed the text 'Innazpa seceded from Razatlan and became Xopatl' by hiding the phrase 'and became Xopatl', as Innazpa is a separate state from Xopatl. I can see how the original statement is inferred from the text, but it is contradicted later and also within this article. The phrase can be hidden to avoid confusion until a canon text clarifies the position. --Fleanetha (talk) 18:16, 15 October 2020 (UTC)