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Finishing the job

My head hurts after reviewing this page and I am not sure I have bettered it. I've added a new category to simply hold the nymph queen variants as they come along, and tried to highlight them on the now-repaired nymph navbox.

However, that's not the end of the work, I'd say. All pre-existing individual 1E nymphs who are now made naiad queens will need:

This will be a common theme for creatures having name changes in 2E, so we should tackle these questions now and be aware work is needed beyond just changing '1E_name' for '2E_name' in the main article.

Beyond categories, should Nyrissa's article, for example, be completely scrubbed of 'nymph' for 'naiad queen' or, as she was a 1E introduction, keep 'nymph' in the text and the categories but add a new category of Naiad queen/Inhabitants? Would 1E only users get confused? If we did update, we'd need to leave a footnote at least to inform 1E users what has happened each time.

There was currently no such note of the version change on this page either, and tabbing to the 1E stats retained the 'naiad queen' as the name of the creature. Could the name be changed, Oznogon, as the 1E tab is selected? I've added a clarifying title similar to that at horned archon you put but more explicit as a possible simpler solution. Might that work? --Fleanetha (talk) 18:46, 30 October 2019 (UTC)

Creatures have had their names changed over the course of 1E for numerous reasons, particularly for OGL compliance or flexibility, which is driving a lot of these 2E changes. How did we handle those?
As someone who has advocated for keeping discoverability and accessibility for 1E users, to the point of completely burning out, I think it is a little overblown to suggest that users won't be able to figure these out without large and explicit notices, especially when there are already redirects, bold alternative references in the article lede, and potentially context in the References section as I've added it in.
Adding the 1E name in the infobox is useful, but I think we should flag it only when that name is completely retconned out in 2E, as opposed to being superseded by a newer name but remaining canon.
None of my opinions on categorization are ever popular, so I'll opt out of that conversation.
I've added a proposal to PathfinderWiki talk:Naming conventions to codify the minimum expectations for handling names and context for name changes in article titles, ledes, infoboxes, and the References section. -Oznogon (talk) 00:24, 31 October 2019 (UTC)