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Tabsagal is a ruined temple complex in the ancient nation of Ninshabur. It was built there during the Age of Anguish and was located in a remote oasis in the continent of Casmaron near the western shore of the Castrovin Sea.12


According to surviving accounts dating back to -3923 AR, the kings of Ninshabur built their treasure vault here "at the center of a plaza of cracked stone". Four six-mile-long boulevards lead to it, lined with numerous statues of sitting creatures such as the shedu, sphinx, gorgon, and lamassu.31

The accounts note that Tabsagal "became the last refuge of Ninshabur's nobles" three full moons after Tarrasque attacked. By then they had "shrouded" the whole city in magic and sealed the treasure-vaults thrice. The nobles also ordered their men to kill any refugees seen traveling toward the complex. This apparently worked against the monster, but "the ruling caste eventually succumbed to hunger, disease, and suicide". None mourned them, and until recent expeditions, the very knowledge of these nobles was forgotten.1

Known treasures of Tabsagal

Among the many treasures secured in Tabsagal, three powerful magical artifacts that are known to have been held there are the evil Apollyon Ring, the Scepter of Ages, and the Lens of Galundari.45

Recent history

In 4328 AR, Tabsagal was raided by Durvin Gest, one of the founders of the Pathfinder Society. While there, he recovered the powerful artifact known as the Scepter of Ages from the treasure vaults there.5


Although many of Tabsagal's buildings have been looted since Ninshabur fell nearly 8,000 years ago, one structure still stands whole and untouched: the Shrine of the Naga Prince. Dedicated to a forgotten god of the same name, the temple is said to still be inhabited by the god's high priestess, Rudrarameni.2


The rulers of Ninshabur protected their treasures with dangerous traps and guardians including caryatid columns, stone golems, ceustodaemons, mihstus,6 and cephalophores.7


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