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Sumitha is an ancient Ghol-Gan ruin on the Island of Empty Eyes in the Shackles.[1]


Prior to their empire's decline, cyclopes of Ghol-Gan built Sumitha as an introspective mountain retreat for seers. The retreat housed an artifact known as the lens of revelation in the retreat's underground vault, which they dubbed the Eye of Serenity, and was once host to travelers across many cultures when Ghol-Gan's influence was at its ancient peak.[1]

The cyclopes abandoned Sumitha as Ghol-Gan fell, most retreating into tunnels to the Darklands beneath the island and the rest degenerating into brutes. However, the lens—now dark—remained.[1]


Tall alabaster columns and several dilapidated buildings with ceilings at least 30 feet tall surround a triangular wishing well at the center of the site's above-ground structures. Several of the buildings are overgrown with vegetation or lack their roofs. Due to Sumitha's ancient activity, the ruined buildings include a money changer's office, magistrate's hall, and human-sized legation of Azlanti architecture in addition to structures for food, housing, and defense.[2]

Underground passages connect the outside to the underground rooms leading toward the Eye of Serenity, which is protected by magical doorways visible only to the blind. Deeper tunnels to the Darklands are all buried in rubble.[2]


Paizo published a full-page map of Sumitha on page 30 of Island of Empty Eyes.

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