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A storm aurochs.

2 (common aurochs)
4 (Storval aurochs)
Temperate plains
Source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, pg(s). 174

Aurochs are large migrating herd mammals, standing over 7 feet tall at the shoulder, which are closely related to domesticated cattle.1 They resemble large, razor-horned bison.2


Aurochs travel in herds,1 following the grass that quickly crops up in these volatile climates.3 They travel in this way to protect each other, adult males forming a ring around those less able to defend themselves when threats arise.1 Aurochs are most often used by people as a source of meat, wool, and leather.4

On Golarion

There are various breeds, ranging from those found in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to Belkzen's southern floodplains.564 Large herds of aurochs are also found on the Nesmian Plains of southern Nirmathas.7 An especially large and aggressive breed, the Storval aurochs, wanders through the Storval Plateau and the Cinderlands of Varisia.82


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