Star Titan's Grave

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The Star Titan's Grave is the crash site of a city-sized object that fell in the eastern Valashmai Jungle and is where the fabled kaiju Agmazar the Star Titan first emerged onto Golarion.1 In -44 AR (or 2456 IC), an ill-omened shooting star burned across the skies of Tian Xia, witnessed from one end of the continent to the other. This burning comet was unlike any ever seen, as it was clearly some kind of artificial construction the size of a city and in the shape of a man. This vexing event was carefully observed by the astrologers of Xa Hoi who were unable to chart its trajectory beyond determining that it fell somewhere in the Valashmai Jungle. Since then, countless expeditions have set off into the jungle to find the Star Titan's Grave and over two dozen claim to have reached it. The most reputable of these explorers all met a gruesome end shortly after their return to civilisation from a wasting disease that stripped flesh from bone and did not respond to any kind of magical treatment.2