St. Sarnax monastery

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St. Sarnax monastery is a training academy and esoteric library located in the town of Escadar on Absalom's Isle of Erran. It is run by the Knights of the Aeon Star, an ancient order of sword-mages whose members were Aroden's companions in the days before his ascension. The structure is named after St. Sarnax, a saint of the Arodenite church.12


St. Sarnax monastery was founded in ancient times, and for a long time it was the only place on the Isle of Erran that the clergy of Aroden were allowed the visit, as the rest of the island to the north was reserved for the god's personal use. This tradition continued even for centuries after Aroden had left the Inner Sea region. Scholars came there to visit the monastery's collection of Azlanti manuscripts so rare they were not even to be found in Absalom's Forae Logos. Five centuries ago, the government of Absalom fortified the harbor in order to turn it into the headquarters of the city-state's navy. Today only three elderly knights remain in the monastery, although its marble walls still shine as brightly as they did in Aroden's day.1


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