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A spriggan.

Temperate forests
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 257

Spriggans are small, grey-skinned humanoids who resemble disheveled, ugly gnomes. They are the descendants of gnomes who left the First World to come to Golarion, but focused on simply surviving in their new but harsh world rather than embracing community and creativity.12


Known as Lonely Ones by other gnomes, spriggans are the descendants of those gnomes who warped their bodies and minds too far in an attempt to resist the Bleaching when they first came to Golarion.1 Their natural curiosity has been transformed into a feral cunning and obsession with survival.3

Relations with gnomes

Occasionally, gnomes will attempt to redeem their dark kin, but there is no evidence that this is ever successful.3

On Golarion

Rumors persist of an entire spriggan city somewhere in the Mwangi Expanse,3 presumably the town of Elokolobha on the southeastern edge of the Screaming Jungle, where spriggans are sometimes referred to as "eloko",45 a name also associated with particularly voracious biloko.6 In Qadira, spriggans can be found in the southern reaches of the Tapur Forest along with a number of other fey creatures.7


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