Spirit Road

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The Spirit Road is a long route that links the nations of Hongal and Minkai via the edge of the Forest of Spirits. As the Forest of Spirits is firmly the domain of the kami, the Spirit Road runs along the coastline of the forest[1] where the forest meets the waters of the Sapphire Sound, practically bypassing the Forest.[2][3] A series of small human settlements are located along its length, but only with the agreement and blessing of the forest's kami. The Spirit Road is dotted with shrines devoted to the kami and a wise traveller would do well to make sure they leave appropriate offerings to placate them.[1]

Jade Regent

During the reign of the Jade Regent, many of his loyal samurai ostensibly guarded the main road to keep it flowing freely. In reality, the troops were as likely to rob travellers on the road and were probably responsible for many of the caravan disappearances during that time.[2]


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