Spiny eurypterid

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Spiny eurypterid

Spiny eurypterids are a particularly tenacious species of eurypterid named for the spikes that cover their bodies.12


A spiny eurypterid has a hard carapace festooned with piercing, razor-sharp spines, as well as two claws and a venomous stinger.12 Some have grown to the size of whales.2

Habitat and ecology

Spiny eurypterids, like other eurypterids, tend to be aquatic, though they can move about on land. They tend to be more solitary than their smaller relatives. They are also aggressive like other eurypterid species1 but stand out for their particularly relentless pursuit of prey.2

Eurypterids, unlike rats, tend to avoid spreadable infections and cargo, leading some sea captains to try carrying smaller species in their holds for rodent control.1

On Golarion

Like other eurypterid species, spiny eurypterids thrive in Golarion's oceans.2 Their amphibious nature means they are sometimes encountered on land, including places like islands near Vidrian1 and the Shackles. They also thrive in aquatic environs of the Darklands as deep as Sekamina.[citation needed]


Spiny eurypterids can be domesticated to a limited extent. Captain Barnabas Harrigan of the Shackles kept a spiny eurypterid in a sinkhole as a pet.3 The ulat-kini Gizmirr also kept a spiny eurypterid as pet and named it Ol' Pokey.4

As food

Spiny eurytperids' meat, which turns gelatinous when cooked and has a flavor similar to shrimp or crab, is sought after but rarely fished due to the dangers of harvesting them.2


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