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Source: The Infernal Syndrome, pg(s). 88

A spartolos, also known as a "sown man", appears as a skeletal undead spear wielder in tarnished bronze armor. Spartoloi coordinate tactically in combat and cooperate with others of their kind, and better resist harmful divine energy when clustered en masse.1

According to ancient legend, the devil Alichino tasked the legendary hero Strada with the conquest of an invincible city. Strada sought the help of an oracle of Gorum and was given the thousand fangs of the dragon Kathalphas. When Strada sowed the teeth into the ground outside the city as instructed, all the heroes the dragon had devoured sprang up into battle. Having frustrated the devil, Strada ruled the city for 90 years with the skeletal army as guard. Magical spartoi seeds that temporarily summon spartoloi have been created since in memory of this legend.1


A spartolos is an armored skeleton whose eye sockets glow with infernal light. On average, they are about 6 feet tall and weigh 70 pounds when fully equipped. They prefer to rest in disjointed piles of remains rather than intact skeletons.2

Habitat and ecology

Spartoloi are created as unquestioning warriors without personal needs or desires. Despite being animated as undead creatures, spartoi seem to prefer resting as piles of bones and armor rather than standing corpses. Left to their own devices, spartoi collapse into scattered remains to rest. Although spartoi detect as being of evil alignment, this is merely because the necromantic magic animating them has a fundamentally evil nature. In some cases, spartoi raised from the corpses of particularly goodly or otherwise forceful individuals may retain the alignment they had in life.1

Spartoloi do not occur naturally, but are created. Although a powerful spellcaster capable of creating mummies can create a spartolos, most spartoloi are created with spartoi seeds.1


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