Soong Bai

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Soong Bai

Chu Ye (as his land subsequently became known)
fl. 29th Century AR
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 16

Soong Bai was a famous eccentric hermit who is best remembered as a gifted acupuncturist and for inadvertently introducing this medicinal art to the Yixing Empire. In 2802 AR, Soong saved a Yixing explorer from a dire injury inflicted by a diseased boar using acupuncture. When word of this new, miraculous healing method reached the imperial court, a new province, Chu Ye, was established in the area.1


Followers of Soong Bai most likely invented dianxue gloves, which primarily help their wearer to heal in various ways. However, the gloves are also magically infused to help the wearer in unarmed combat.2


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