Snowcaster half-elf

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Snowcaster half-elf (Snowborn)
Type Humanoid
(elf, human)
CR By class level
Environment Any land

Source: Bastards of Golarion, pg(s). 7

Snowcaster half-elves, or Snowborn as they are sometimes called in human settlements, are half-elves descended from Ilverani, most frequently when twilight speaker envoys from Snowcaster tribes commingle with humans. Such liaisons—which occur most often in Jadwiga, Ulfen, and Erutaki communities—result in the twilight speaker and their Snowborn children being cast out of their Snowcaster tribe in shame. Irriseni winter witches especially pursue Snowcasters, hoping to empower their bloodlines with magic by bearing a Snowborn child.

Their distinct frost-white skin and elven features set them apart in the human settlements where they're raised and ostracize them in less tolerant societies. Few Snowborn gain the same rights as humans within their homelands.[1]

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