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Source: Prisoners of the Blight, pg(s). 83

Snarks are bio-luminescent animals who make their home in the First World.1


Snarks generally resemble rodents with brightly colored and patterned fur, a long nose, and two wings each with one small clawed hand at the end. Their bio-luminescence is linked to their moods.1

Different species of snarks can vary wildly in size, from insect-scale lyre snarks weighing less than a pound, to flesh-eating boojums the size of large birds.1


Snarks naturally glow with light comparable to a candle's, generally when excited or happy. They can suppress this light with some effort for several minutes at a time.1

A snark can serve a spellcaster as a familiar, but are rarely seen in this role outside of the First World.1


Snarks sing to mark their territory and are skilled at hiding, especially from predators, who are often drawn to snarks by their bio-luminescence. With their dexterous wingtip hands, they can pluck and eat fruit and nuts, pick parasites from larger creatures (which earns them the rare favor of the Tane), and if kept as pets are prone to stealing baubles or snacks from their owners.1

Snarks live alone, paired, or in groups called a conspiracy, and in First World canyons, forests, and settlements.1


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