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Siccatite is a silver-hued skymetal that emanates either intense heat or cold. It can ignite other substances or encase them in ice after enough contact.1 Scholars still are puzzled whether it is two different, but similar-looking metals, or a single type of metal that determines its temperature through some yet unknown process.2

Uses of siccatite

Smiths who work with siccatite can forge it into weapons and armor that take on the metal's properties.1 Weapons made of siccatite inflict extra damage, while armor made of the metal ward the wielder against exposure by either hot or cold. It is associated with evocation magic, wrath, and kindness.2 On rare occasions, larger objects are made of the skymetal, or else a thin covering is used to plate other metals, such as the magical siccatite door in the Irespan piling known as the Crow in the Varisian city of Magnimar.3


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