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A lashunta rides a shotalashu on Castrovel.

Any jungle (Castrovel)
Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 53
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Shotalashu,1 also known as shota, are large reptilian magical beasts native to Castrovel. They can form telepathic connections much like the lashunta of Castrovel, and as such often serve them as enthusiastic mounts.23


A shotalashu, which averages more than 10 feet in length and 1,000 pounds in weight, has reptilian features with a long neck and thick, whip-like tail. Its body is built for speed and power, with muscular hind quarters and shoulders.2


Shotalashu are at home in dense jungles and move easily through them. Their innate telepathic sensitivity make them adept mounts for telepaths with a minimum of training, but also deepens the loss and pain when a shotalashu or its rider dies while bonded.2

On Castrovel

While the telepathic bond between a lashunta rider and her shota mount is effortless, few lashunta form lifelong bonds with a single mount. However, the death of a bonded mount can cause psychic damage that heals slowly, while a bonded rider's death can make a shota difficult to communicate with and resistant to bonding with a new rider.2


  1. The singular and plural of shotalashu are the same.
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