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Queen of Asps
Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 44-45

Shielseis was a concubine of Pharaoh Sharsqa II. Her beauty, and her vanity, were beyond words. Shielseis slowly poisoned her lord's first and second queens as well as his entire harem. When her murders were revealed, she was condemned to death by snake bites. With her final words, she dramatically professed her desperate love for the Pharaoh before leaping into the pit of asps. But by a miracle, the asps refused to bite her. Overwhelmed, the Pharaoh fell madly in love with Shielseis, lifted her from the pit, and pronounced her his new queen.1

Recently, in 4702 AR, grave robbers discovered and plundered Sharsqa's tomb but left behind the sarcophagus of Shielseis. She then rose as an elegant mummy clad in a beautiful ivory mask. The queen now seeks out those who despoiled her beloved crypt and the unawakened mummy of the Pharaoh. She has established a network of agents across northern Garund. Her agents know her only as the Queen of Asps.1


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