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The ruins of the city of Shevaroth sit on the plains southeast of the Fierani Forest in Kyonin. Once one of the greatest elven settlements on Golarion, it fell under the dominion of the demon lord Treerazer after his arrival in 2497 AR and has never been retaken.1


Before the impact of the Starstone, Shevaroth was one of the most populous cities of Kyonin. When they left for their refuge of Sovyrian in -5293 AR, they left it empty, and it largely stayed that way for the next nearly 7,000 years. After the demon lord Treerazer was exiled to Golarion in 2497 AR, he and his minions quickly retook the city. After the elves returned in 2632 AR, they attempted to retake the city numerous times, but were never able to dislodge the demons.1


Shevaroth is the domain of demons and vengeful ghosts, who wander the streets of the slowly decaying city. The only permanently occupied building is the former temple of Calistria, once Calistria's largest temple in the whole world.12 which has been converted to house the worshipers of the Rough Best, Rovagug. Cultists there use Treerazer's nearby presence to fuel their dark magic, and pervert the rites of the Savored Sting,1 creating countless cocoons and chrysalises that seem on the verge of opening. These cultists have a hard time reaching Shevaroth, as they are slain by the elves of Kyonin and the demons alike.2

Reconquest of Shevaroth

Discussions have been ongoing in Kyonin about whether to attempt another attack on Shevaroth. Some in the temple of Calistria in Iadara desire that it happen soon, while others (including Queen Edasseril) counsel caution.3