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Shadow demon
A shadow demon.
Type Outsider
(chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar, incorporeal)
CR 7
Environment Any Abyss

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 67

A shadow demon (also known as an invidiak) is a sinister, incorporeal demon.[1]

Associated sin

Shadow demons are associated with the sin of envy.[2]


A shadow demon appears as a cloud of darkness with bat-like wings and sharp claws. They are slightly larger than humans, but are weightless because they are incorporeal.[1]


A shadow demon can fight with its teeth and claws, and has a number of magical abilities connected to manipulating shadows. They can also blend into any available shadows to effectively become invisible. Perhaps their most insidious spell-like ability is their ability to possess mortals. In a mortal body they are no longer vulnerable to sunlight, but if the mortal body is struck by a sudden burst of powerful magical light, the possessing shadow demon is immediately expelled.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Shadow demons are formed in the Abyss from envious souls. They typically form groups of up to eight, and are known to flee from sunlight.[1]


Shadow demons are believed to have once served the demon lord Vyriavaxus. When Nocticula slew their patron, they grudgingly transferred their services to her.[3] Some also serve the demon lord Shax.[4]


Shadow demons are native to the Abyss.[1]


Those seeking to summon a shadow demon sometimes do so in areas of bright sunlight. This reduces the shadow demon's power but is guaranteed to enrage it.[5]

On Golarion

A group of shadow demons loyal to Shax have possessed a tribe of Kellid barbarians and used them to commit uncounted atrocities in Sabertooth Vale in the Worldwound.[6]


Paizo published a sourcebook about demons called Demons Revisited, which includes a chapter about shadow demons.

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