Sevencoat serpent

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Sevencoat serpent

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 214–15

Sevencoat serpents are non-venomous snakes that mimic the the colors and patterns of more dangerous snakes sharing their habitat.1 They hiss menacingly when disturbed, lowering razor-sharp, curved fangs. These snakes rely on their camouflage and threatening manner to scare away any potentially dangerous predators. There are a dozen or so variants, each resembling whichever venomous snakes are most dominant in the area. Skilled hunters train to learn to tell the difference between sevencoat serpents and their poisonous cousins,2 allowing them to harvest the sevencoats' fangs to be used as tattoo pens, a writing utensil and alternative to quills invented by the Ekujae elves of the Mwangi Expanse.3

In folklore

Sevencoat serpents are named for a monster in Nirmathi children's fables. This monster is famous for wearing disguises to evade the investigation of the constables chasing it.2


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