Seven Year War

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The Seven Year War (4480 AR4487 AR) was a war between the empire of Imperial Lung Wa and the sorcerer-kingdom of Dtang Ma. The war was preceded by another earlier attempt to conquer Dtang Ma in 4432 AR, which was not only unsuccessful but also ultimately resulted in the death of the emperor of Imperial Lung Wa. The Seven Year War would eventually be a success for Imperial Lung Wa, it would ultimately conquer the entire kingdom of Dtang Ma after seven years of especially devastating war. In the end, it was decided by the rulers of Dtang Ma to surrender and try to endure the rulership of Lung Wa instead of continuing the conflict. As it happens the empire of Lung Wa collapsed entirely in 4606 AR, meaning the people of Dtang Ma only had to endure imperial rule for less than twenty years in the end.12