Semira Brehan

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Semira Brehan

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 51-52

Semira Brehan is the high priestess of Iomedae in the Katapeshi town of Solku. The Temple of Iomedae is a small temple in comparison with the Lambent Citadel of Sarenrae. It serves a small number of faithful and visitors to Solku. The high priestess Semira Brehan is a serious woman who distrusts Lady Cynore and the Sarenites.1

During the Siege of Solku Semira grew to admire Lady Cynore immensely and she was proud when they managed to call a number of Iomedaean paladins to Solku's aid. Chanar's plan to break the siege proved successful but resulted in the slaughter of Iomedaean paladins. During a gnolls' assault, the paladins counter-attacked the gnolls' command and killed the enemy leaders. They would have escaped back to town if they had the cover of a defenders' sortie according to the plan, but the sortie never appeared. Semira blamed Chanar for the slaughter and has not changed her mind despite Cynore's repeated apologies.1


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