Sea Dragons

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Sea Dragons

Mercenary company
Protect commercial shipping
Regional (Inner Sea region)
Source: Faiths of Balance, pg(s). 22-23

The Sea Dragons is an organization of ship owners sworn to Abadar's name who have built an impressive fleet of 20 warships and more than 80 converted merchant ships. They provide protection, carriage, and escort services for merchants who wish to ensure that their goods will reach the farthest markets of the Inner Sea. They are available for rent for those who can afford their prices. The members of the organization must renounce their citizenship, for they serve solely under the banner of Abadar. Their commander is the expatriate Chelaxian Admiral Terrance Akrifolous. Most of the time the ships work in independent missions in the major ports of Avistan and Garund, but once a year they gather at their home port of Absalom and discuss matters relating to the whole fleet.1


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