Screaming Reaver

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Screaming Reaver

Black-Eye Benbem (formerly);
Coal-Dark (currently)
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 27

The Screaming Reaver is a sloop-of-war originally captained by Black-Eye Benbem in the Shackles. It is one of the most infamous pirate vessels currently sailing the Shackles. Benbem was notorious for capturing merchant ships, pilfering the cargo, and leaving the crew bound on the captured vessel, which was set adrift after a fire was lit in its hold. It is said that Benbem enjoyed the shrieks of burning victims drifted across the water. A few years ago, in 4709 AR, Benbem's first mate, known simply as Coal-Dark, grew weary of the waste, slit her captain's throat and took over the Screaming Reaver. Since then, the Screaming Reaver has become far more efficient, with less useless savagery.1

Home port of the Screaming Reaver has been the Fort Benbem on the Pangalley Atoll, since the ship was banned from using even Shark Island ports.1


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