Sawtooth sabre

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A Red Mantis assassin wields two sawtooth sabres.

Assassins of the Red Mantis use the sawtooth sabre as their signature weapon because it is a cruel but efficient weapon, a perfect combination for the holy assassins.

The sawtooth sabre's blade is curved like a normal sabre, but instead of a straight edge, the cutting edge is serrated, allowing deeper wounds. This grisly weapon weighs only 2 pounds[1][2] and measures about 3½ feet from hilt to point,[3] another advantage for an assassin trying to sneak into and out of a guarded area.

The sawtooth sabre is difficult to master—although those untrained in its subtleties fare well enough by simply wielding it as they would a longsword—but its light weight allows it to be wielded with finesse rather than brute strength.[1][2] Many of the Red Mantis fight with a sawtooth sabre in each hand, in a style reminiscent of a praying mantis,[2] and some Red Mantis assassins can weave the blade in a hypnotic pattern to help them kill their target.[4]

The Red Mantis have no objection to the use of the weapon by non-members. Its presence serves as a useful reminder of the organisation's might, and since not everyone who uses one is an assassin it helps members to keep their identity secret when out of uniform.[5] It is also the holy weapon of the clan's god, Achaekek,[4] and featured on the flag of the Red Mantis-dominated city of Ilizmagorti.[6]

Mantis blade

The mantis blade is a legendary sawtooth saber venerated by the Achaekek-worshiping Cult of the Mantis.[7]


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